Woke for…

The best part of everyone’s journey is how you start it. Limit any distractions by taking time to yourself and find more within yourself as a being. They is so much more in us that still need to be unlocked. 

The journey unfolds. K.S


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Sunny State of Mind.


Radiate confidence – it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…


•Surround yourself with great people

It’s impossible to feel anything less than amazing when you’re with the people who love you most. Rid yourself of anyone who’s dragging you down and focus your energy on the ones who keep you upbeat and laughing. Good friends boost confidence like nothing else.

•Own your sex appeal

You’d normally run in the opposite direction when a guy looks you up and down but, instead of feeling embarrassed, take it as a sign that you’re one seriously desirable woman. When you’re okay with feeling sexy you’ll start to own it.

•Be brave

When was the last time you did something really daring? Remember his great it made you feel? Step a sandalled foot out of your comfort zone. The confidence that comes with putting yourself out there is sublime. ° K.S – Picture; Delisile Kheswa @Santorini Greece