Publisher’s Note


An official season taking its turn on us – and if the chilly weather’s getting you down with cold, will bring you heartwarming features to lift you up.

I take this time to be excused from my silence, “I have been managing to solidify my brand and keep it relevant to you my readers.” 

I intent to showcase a unique and fascinating photographic images both for readers, and viewers throughout my website which has been a long overdue project. – an exciting introduction of a digital technology use on my website will allow practical and meaningful engagements with our readers. I’m hoping it will strengthen the relationship I’ve built with all of you since I started this journey.

The move is to cater for our readers more effectively, covering the topics, people, places and trends you believe to be most interesting and beneficial. Further than that, I would like to provide tailor-made research that dovetails with your passion and interest.

I will also offer food for thought in my next feature on my snackweb/ blog still insufficient percentage of leaders in boardrooms and – of course – fabulous winter to spring styles, products on our fashion, health and beauty inspirations.

Have a great season! K.S


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