Wear Flavour

What is your likely flavor for this up coming season, take note we only a week away for our change of wardrobe. This week is a chance to shop online as cut-down season sales are at our touch of a button…this is how a lot go by and find items that aren’t in-store. Google your ideal online-store and be inspired.

Live in your own shadow, see what you want to see without fear of how you look but just being you. Wear something that reflects the life you live. /•Truths – K.S


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Look & Respect

Clothes do hold a meaning on a woman if worn well. Dress exactly how you have hoped to look, feel and respect yourself in that process.
Bloggers/ Stylist have more ways to show from how to dress and address yourself in confidence. We see from collaborations and seasonal affairs they have with garments worn, from season to season. Be inspired by Natasha Ndlovu; London based blogger and stylists from South African.

Lifestyle. Health. Longevity.

Publisher’s Note


An official season taking its turn on us – and if the chilly weather’s getting you down with cold, will bring you heartwarming features to lift you up.

I take this time to be excused from my silence, “I have been managing to solidify my brand and keep it relevant to you my readers.” 

I intent to showcase a unique and fascinating photographic images both for readers, and viewers throughout my website which has been a long overdue project. – an exciting introduction of a digital technology use on my website will allow practical and meaningful engagements with our readers. I’m hoping it will strengthen the relationship I’ve built with all of you since I started this journey.

The move is to cater for our readers more effectively, covering the topics, people, places and trends you believe to be most interesting and beneficial. Further than that, I would like to provide tailor-made research that dovetails with your passion and interest.

I will also offer food for thought in my next feature on my snackweb/ blog still insufficient percentage of leaders in boardrooms and – of course – fabulous winter to spring styles, products on our fashion, health and beauty inspirations.

Have a great season! K.S

Sunny State of Mind.


Radiate confidence – it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…


•Surround yourself with great people

It’s impossible to feel anything less than amazing when you’re with the people who love you most. Rid yourself of anyone who’s dragging you down and focus your energy on the ones who keep you upbeat and laughing. Good friends boost confidence like nothing else.

•Own your sex appeal

You’d normally run in the opposite direction when a guy looks you up and down but, instead of feeling embarrassed, take it as a sign that you’re one seriously desirable woman. When you’re okay with feeling sexy you’ll start to own it.

•Be brave

When was the last time you did something really daring? Remember his great it made you feel? Step a sandalled foot out of your comfort zone. The confidence that comes with putting yourself out there is sublime. ° K.S – Picture; Delisile Kheswa @Santorini Greece


If Your Bottle Could Talk…

PL – Purorsum Lifestyle

Nothing is much more attractive than a women who’s got a flourishing scent. I went around asking a few ladies of their scent and what they think it would say about them.


This specific bottle, had a story to tell. I found most women of substance in use of “Black Opium” by YSL – YvesSaintLaurent.

/ON THIS NOTE: “My scent is as addictive as the first shot of caffeine, with white flowers that tie it all together. I am a new generation oriental gourmand. From the bitterness of coffee bean accord (it’s never before been used in such quantities in a feminine fragrance) and sparkling, radiant white flowers, I am both electrifying and addictive.” – story by: Katlego Sedumedi

“Power To Dress @ Play”


– could they be a better time to be you? Create a better you everyday, wear comfort & smile all the way through. “You’re exclusive, offer the best for yourself.”

We so much trapped into ‘impressions” and forget to look good for ourselves. You are no less than other women, regardless of the clothes they wear, the price tag too is not above you. “Love Yours”  –  style by: The Daileigh

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